I’m Carol, an American/Brit living in the UK, eating a diet that is low-carb and as close to wheat- and sugar-free as possible. I started out in August 2010 weighing 285 pounds (over 20 stone). I lost 40 pounds in 3 months on Weight Watchers, then they changed to the new Points system and I didn’t like it. Since then, I’ve been pretty much doing low carb. I’m also 100 pounds (7 stone) lighter as of February 2012.

I cut out sugar in June 2011 after reading Sugar Busters, and I cut out wheat & grains in October 2011 after reading Wheat Belly. Both have made huge differences in my weightloss progress, and I attribute cutting out wheat to the end of indigestion and adult acne. When I go back to the States on holiday and eat bread, my face breaks out and I get severe indigestion immediately. When I get back home to the UK and stop eating bread, the acne clears up and the indigestion goes away. That’s enough proof for me that wheat’s not good for me.


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