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Mock Cream of Wheat (Sort of)

I love Cream of Wheat. Unfortunately, the carbohydrates in it don’t love me. Nor would the wheat. But I love the taste & texture.

Can’t do much to emulate the Cream of Wheat taste, but I came pretty close to the texture tonight with a thrown-together porridge consisting of coconut milk and a couple tablespoons each of whole chia seeds and toasted flaxseed meal. I added a half-scoop of Designer Whey French Vanilla protein powder, a teaspoon of vanilla (I like vanilla), and a pinch of stevia powder. It needed to be thicker, so before I heated it, I stirred about a half-teaspoon of konjac powder into it (the coconut milk had been in the fridge, so everything was still cold at this point.) Popped the bowl into the microwave for 2 minutes; stirred after one minute.

It’s not bad. It’s not Cream of Wheat, but it’s tasty, hot, filling, and low-carb. I haven’t added the amounts, but the coconut milk I use is 1.9g carb per 100ml, and the protein powder was about 1.5 grams. The rest was pretty much soluble fibre. So not many carbs at all, compared to what the real stuff would have been. All in all, a good pre-midnight snack.

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